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About NT Electrics

NT Electrics has been in business since 2009.  We are family owned and operated, based in Manjimup and work with clientele located across the South West.   We understand the value of exceptional service and will always work together with our clientele to deliver the outcome that they want, not what we think they want. 


We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to our work; rather, we personalise and customise each and every job to suit the needs of the individual and/or their business.  


The trust of our clientele is paramount and we are proud of the professional, reliable and efficient reputation we have built over our 10 years of operation.  All work completed by NT Electrics is to the highest industry standards in order to ensure total satisfaction, with every job.

NT Electrics is a member of the National Electrical Contractor's Association (NECA), as well as being accredited for the Western Power Service Apparatus Connection Scheme (SACS).

Meet the Team

Nick Terrigno

Nick is the proprietor of NT Electrics and responsible for the overall running of the business.  Nick grew up in Manjimup on a cattle and potato farm.  He completed his electrical apprenticeship locally.  Nick enjoys a hit of squash and a game of golf when time permits.  Nick and his wife Tanya started NT electrics in 2009.  

Tanya Terrigno

Tanya grew up in the Great Southern and is also from a farming background.  She completed high school in Manjimup.  When Tanya isn't occupied with their three children - Ashleigh, Ayden and Jake - she manages the administration and accounts side of things for NT Electrics. 

Laird Daubney

Laird too is a local, having started his apprenticeship with NT Electrics in 2013.  He became fully qualified in 2017.  Laird's experience has given him a broad range of knowledge and skills and he has built a great rapport with our clientele. 

Braden Wilson

Braden joined the NT Electrics team in November 2018 as an apprentice.  He has grown up in Manjimup and intends on staying local, long-term.  He is a very keen basketballer, but most importantly, he is enjoying learning and is catching on to the concepts and skills required to be an electrician really well.  

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